How to Unstake

Step 1: Access Unstaking Interface

  • Navigate to the Pools section that contains staked tokens.

  • Locate and select the Unstake tab within the relevant pool.

Step 2: Initiate Unstaking Process

  • Unstaking your tokens will also automatically harvest any earned rewards

Ensure that the amount of SVIC tokens you intend to unstake aligns with the staked amount displayed in the Statistics section of the pool. You can only unstake the SVIC amount equivalent to your current staked amount.

  • Input the desired amount of SVIC tokens you wish to unstake.

  • Click the Unstake button to confirm your selection.


  • Confirm the transaction both in your wallet and through the pop-up confirmation.

Step 3 : After you unstake your tokens, they won't be immediately available in your wallet. There's a waiting period (lock time) before you can withdraw them. Here are the scenarios that may be encountered:

For Masternode Pool

  • If the unstaked amount does NOT reduce the pool's total value below 50,000 VIC, you will be able to withdraw your unstaked token after 2 days.

  • If the unstaked amount reduces pool's liquidity below 50,000 VIC, you need to initiate a voting process to resign your stake from the pool. Once the voting period is over, you'll be able to claim your tokens after 30 days.

For non-Master Node Pool: You can unstake immediately without waiting for 2 days

For Resigned Pool: When you try to withdraw (unstake) from a resigned pool, your staked VIC amount will be unlocked in two parts:

  • Part 1 (unlocked in 2 days): The portion equals to (total amount before resign - 50,000 VIC) * Percentage of staked of user in pool

  • Part 2 (unlocked in 30 days): The remaining amount of your staked VIC will be unlocked after 30 days.

Step 4: Once the waiting period is over, you can claim the tokens to your wallet.

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