What is deFusion?

An Infra-liquidity staking platform, designed exclusively for users on Viction seeking a secure and smooth staking experience. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to transparency, [deFusion] provides Automated Rewards Distribution Solution (ARDS), ensuring a fusion of stability and efficiency in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

Backed by an unwavering commitment to clarity, deFusion integrates a revolutionary Automated Rewards Distribution Solution (ARDS). This ensures optimal stability and efficiency within the Viction ecosystem

  • Seamless Viction Ecosystem Integration with SVIC: SVIC - tokenized equivalents of your holdings unlock the door to Viction's expansive ecosystem of utilities. With SVIC, you can effortlessly buy, sell, and trade other assets, all fueled by the liquidity of your holdings. Furthermore, deFusion benefits from the steadfast support of the Viction Foundation, guaranteeing a smooth and accessible experience within the Viction ecosystem.

  • Accelerate Your Earnings with Decentralized Masternodes: deFusion incentivizes active participation. When you participate in a staking pool on deFusion, you're not just locking away your assets but setting yourself up for exponential rewards. Pools that achieve Masternode status unlock significantly higher APRs, meaning your earnings potential surges. deFusion's innovative system fosters a collaborative and rewarding environment, where community participation is paramount.

  • Rewards & Ownership Flexibility: As a deFusion user, you're entitled to claim up to 100% of your staking rewards. But deFusion's innovation continues beyond there. You have the power to transfer ownership of your stake to another wallet, all without the need to unstake. This industry-leading feature grants you unparalleled flexibility in managing your assets, empowering you to make strategic decisions with ease.

  • Automated Rewards Distribution Solution (ARDS): deFusion eliminates the need for daily reward checks. With ARDS, your rewards are automatically distributed every epoch (approximately 900 blocks). This innovative solution removes the burden of manual claim processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient staking experience that frees you to focus on what matters most.

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