How to Stake

Before you start

  • Use the Coin98 Extension (on desktop) or the Coin98 Super Wallet (on mobile).

More wallet options are coming soon to enhance your experience. Stay tuned for updates!


VIC is supported by a wide range of leading centralized and decentralized exchanges worldwide. Visit the listings of platforms to acquire VIC.

Connect your wallet

Step 1: Visit deFusion site -> Select a pool from the available options on the dashboard to begin staking -> choose Stake

Step 2: Choose Connect Wallet at the top right corner → choose Coin98 from the wallet list.

Step 3: Click Connect and wait for a couple of moments till the connecting process is finished

Stake your VIC

Step 1: Enter the desired amount to stake and click Stake

  • The minimum amount required to participate in any staking pool is 10 VIC tokens

  • Allows to stake amounts greater than the base capacity of the pool, exceeding the 50,000 VIC threshold

Step 2: Confirm the transaction on both the site and the wallet's pop-up

Zero gas fee will be applied for the transaction. You don't have to worry about it!

Step 3: You may need to wait for the transaction to finalize, after which a notification from the system will appear

Step 4: Staked tokens will be displayed as SVIC tokens in the Statistics section below

Rewards Allocation

Only pools with Masternode status can receive rewards

The rewards are distributed to participating users of Masternode pools every 30 minutes (approximate 900 blocks).

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